Sourcing & Competitive Bid Services

  • Strategic Sourcing/ Cost Savings
  • Spend Analysis/ Price Reviews
  • Procurement Process Review
  • Procurement Transformations
  • Negotiations Training
  • Sourcing Training
  • Temporary Sourcing Solutions

Consulting Services

Retail Strategic Cost Reduction

trucks - interstate distributionRetail experience includes industry experience for seven years heading up the sourcing and procurement group for a large petreleum retailer.

Strategic initiatives include:

  • Freight reduction
  • Process Improvement by automating transportation order processes
  • Competitive bid and substantial savings for the coffee and cappuccino programs
  • eProcurement system implementation with demand management controls

Sample Results of Sourcing Success

Here we list a few examples of cost reductions we have achieved for our clients over the last two decades.

  • Coffee program and distribution costs: 20+%
  • Cappuccino: 5+%
  • Freight Reduction with supplier changes: 10+%
  • Transportation order process improvement: $50k+/year
  • eProcurement system implementation with internal controls: $200k/year
  • Chicken: 10+%
  • Antifreeze: 30+%
  • Printed Retail items: 25+%
  • Washer Fluid: 20+%
  • Retail Paper Towels: 15+%

Manufacturing Expertise

shipping containersOver the past decade or so, we have gained valuable experience working with various manufacturers that are critical to the supply chain.

These companies are both large and small and represent strong value to supply chains all over the United States, Canada, and Asia.

Find a Supplier

You could spend weeks or months trying to find the right supplier. Is your company searching the entire world to obtain the best quality at the best possible value? Let us know what you are looking for and we'll see if we can find a solution for you.

Supplier Expertise

  • Supply items
  • International sourcing
  • Retail items to increase your margins
  • Corporate service needs


When we buy, we consider sustainability and the impact that our purchases will have on our environment. We have completed several sustainability projects which include:

Transformation of cleaning chemical supplies for a major retailer
  • Lighter weight
  • Less expensive to ship
  • Reduced plastic packaging
Ramping up tonnage recycled for used cardboard for a multi-site business

Executing a 100+ location recycling program for bottles and cans


We also offer training in negotiations and sourcing.


Cotton prices have dropped drastically in 2012 versus where they were in 2011. You should be obtaining lower prices on uniforms, towels, or any textiles versus prices paid during 2011.

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