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Track 100's of commodities instantly with graphs and solid data. Improve your negotiations with facts! Simply click the link below for a free 45-day trial (no credit cards are required) to Pro Purchaser. Users will be able to track hundreds of commodities including energy, metals, food, packaging, etc. The tools allow you to determine "should be" pricing and provides quick graphs to improve your negotiation success. Home Depot, Shell, Coleman, Oracle, Pfizer, HSBC Bank, Tyco, R.J. Reynolds, and Winn-Dixie have already discovered the value of this excellent software tool.
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Creating Change with a Centralized Procurement Group

trucks - interstate distributionPlease visit again soon; this Resources section of the Sourcing Business Solutions consulting firm website will contain dozens of useful links and references for sourcing and cost reduction consultants and clients alike. Some of the best consulting resources in the business will be listed here for the convenience of our visitors.

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Cotton prices have dropped drastically in 2012 versus where they were in 2011. You should be obtaining lower prices on uniforms, towels, or any textiles versus prices paid during 2011.

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