Case Studies

Sourcing Business Solutions, a Tennessee sourcing consultancy

Case study #1: Saving millions of dollars with eProcurement implementations for a multi-location company
(April 3, 2012) - After assessing that the software used at this company was antiquated and controlled by a print vendor once selling printing services to the company, it became obvious that an independent eProcurement company would be needed to create more independence and control of the data and procurement system. [ Continue reading ]

Case study #2: Using Six Sigma principles to improve service level
(April 20, 2012) - Bryan Eaves, CPA, C.P.M. and Sourcing Business Solutions successfully used Six Sigma and LEAN supply chain principles to improve the service level provided to hundreds of retail stores. [ Continue reading ]


Cotton prices have dropped drastically in 2012 versus where they were in 2011. You should be obtaining lower prices on uniforms, towels, or any textiles versus prices paid during 2011.

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