About Sourcing Business Solutions

container shippingWith 20 years of experience in both financial, operations, and supply chain excellence, we will do whatever it takes to reduce costs and add value to your business.

Supplier Identification and Qualification
We will span the globe looking for the right suppliers for you and conduct competitive bids for your company. The savings go right to your bottom line.

Competitive Bids or RFPs
We will conduct a business review of your operation for no charge. We simply share in the savings if any savings are found.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have your group trained, we can conduct on-site training on various subjects ranging from negotiations, RFP (Request for Proposal) creation and execution, and other topics. We can even conduct strategy facilitations to assist you in reaching your goals of adding value to your company.

Typical Sourcing Savings

Expense category Post-consultation savings, on average
Office supplies, equipment 7% to 15%
Telecommunication 5% to 15%
Small package freight 3% to 10%
LTL /TL transportation 3% to 7%
Energy costs 6% to 12%
Promotional expenses 10% to 25%
Commercial printing 10% to 20%
Various chemicals (??) 10% to 15%
Janitorial, industrial supplies 5% to 10%
Travel expenses 5% to 10%
I.T. hardware, software 3% to 8%
Food and retail items 10% to 15%


Cotton prices have dropped drastically in 2012 versus where they were in 2011. You should be obtaining lower prices on uniforms, towels, or any textiles versus prices paid during 2011.

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